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floor has a unique resource advantages
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Author Topic: floor has a unique resource advantages  (Read 17 times)
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I have also been interviewed by the leaders of China, ***, ***, Jia Qinglin and other countries. Although the pan-American raw material base is gradually expanding and already covered Africa, Southeast Asia and other places, the relationship between Pan-American and Brazil is still very tight.
Therefore, in the future plan, Pan-America will plan to complete 150,000 hectares of natural forest reserve within five years, Under the 25-year cycle of development, it will be able to exploit 200,000-300,000 cubic meters of natural forest and 10 trees per tree to consolidate the sustainable development of Pan-American countries.
Pan-American floor has a unique resource advantages, how are you to expand this advantage? Yang Jianzhong: The beginning of the Pan-American system is a pioneering and innovative spirit. It is also such a pioneering spirit that has been running through the development of the Pan-American system.
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