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to woodworker and furniture production industry submits a true and accurate investigation report. This second survey got government of guild and ground of furniture industry group is in charge of white composite picket fence panels for patio ( a branch concerned local furniture support energetically and help. Cost county: Transition of industry of timber of exert oneself tradition upgrades to change to new field through innovating

Traditional timber industry encounters awkward situation urgently " broken problem " transition upgrades cost county is large county of production of industry of traditional timber industry, labor cost tongue and groove flooring ( produce base as countrywide key plank, the wooden industry industry that expends a county is holding Linyi plank to export the half of country of the quantity all the time. Chinese market has the plank of 40% is Linyi production, linyi has many 10 thousand plank to produce a business.

But these enterprise dimensions small, specific power consumption tall, brand is little, add the cost is low, product kind is similar, technical content is not high, company of treatment of creon close durbanville ( a few plank often carries depress profit or the kind that change foreign low end to the market, make a price war. "Be aimed at the awkward situation that current lumber market faces, we carry own research and development new product, spin the means such as lumber industry catenary comes true ' broken problem ' .

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<p>points. 1, to see whether the design requirements, carpentry furniture production site, you need to do a good job of furniture design drawings. The acceptance of the first to see whether in accordance with the drawings, then see whether material is the selection of the provisions of the materials, there is no shoddy 2, see gap size acceptance to see wood sealing line, horn line, waist panel touch seam less than 0.2mm, the line and the line clamping angle seam </p>
<p>does not exceed 0.3mm. The decorative panel board and touch the mouth does not exceed 0.2mm. 3, look at the structure of carpentry and modeling in both horizontal and vertical directions, the correct approach is wood should be straight; check the radian and roundness is smooth, smooth, in addition to the individual, the same shape but also to ensure the consistent style. Woodworking projects should be guaranteed surface smoothness, no drums or broken </p>
<p>symmetry, carpentry projects should be symmetrical. 4, look at the corner and parquet woodwork normal angle is 90 degrees, of course, special designTV background wall is a face project at home, which can reflect the taste of head of household. Background wall decoration materials are many, such as marble, wallpaper, glass, wall paint, gypsum board, tiles and so on. Xiao Bian in this article to introduce to you is the wooden material decoration, television </p>
<p>composite gardens boards (<br />
termite resistant composite flooring (<br />
nature composite fence resistance termites (</p>

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<P>Near, electricity business level "61" Lingtai will focus on children's products. Jingdong yesterday on-line independent children's furniture category Jingdong children's furniture Museum, and with the China Quality Certification Center launched the industry's first electricity platform "children's furniture quality assessment standards" (hereinafter referred to as "standard"). Jingdong said that will be based on standards to improve the online platform settled threshold. Insiders said that the current quality of children's furniture industry to control the main after the supervision,Pemborong katil pantai kayu yang ringan ( to strengthen the platform audit and self-discipline will help industry product quality upgrade.</P>
<P>The standard will be from the product design, raw material procurement, production process control and other aspects of product quality and quality assurance capabilities to assess. Jingdong Mall clothing home business unit,laundry racks at target ( general manager of home decoration, said Zhou Xinyuan children's furniture museum will be the standard as the brand settled in the threshold, can not meet the needs of enterprises in the quality of rectification after the assessment.</P>
<P>It is understood that the past Jingtong furniture on-line standards, including 30,000 yuan margin, qualification audit, product audit, etc., children's home on-line, will be based on the previous standard will be 30,000 yuan margin threshold increased to 50,000 yuan, while on-line brand Need to be reviewed by standard and subject to regular sampling. Jingdong said that in the first batch of enterprises involved in the assessment,western restaurant dining table and chair dealers ( the Songbao Kingdom, colorful life, happy Inn and other children's furniture brand through the audit.</P>
<P>Online shopping children's furniture is the hardest hit by the product quality problems. In March this year, Shanghai Trade and Industry Bureau issued the quality of children's furniture sampling, online sample sampling rate was only 20%, the main problem focused on the excessive content of harmful substances, the lack of warning signs and so on. Jingdong said that the standard of children's furniture products in the formaldehyde and heavy metals and other harmful substances,Meja makan popular yang paling murah ( structural safety, warning signs and other children's furniture safety risk points to focus on monitoring. After the placement of the brand in the subsequent security, if the two sampling failed will be retired.</P>

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 by science of forestry of company of times of green of association of industry of Chinese forest products, China, China institute of academy lumber industry is mixed association of Chinese wood fence for sale cheap ( forestry machine is sponsorred jointly, undertake by turns, already became our country person to build board industry industry to get the attention,
 year grand meeting that has dimensions and force most fully, hold 15 successfully already up to now from 2002. Man-made of the 4th world board workshop of development of industry of man-made board los angeles where to buy decking lumber ( of congress and the 16th whole nation saves Linyi municipal government to undertake jointly by association of industry of Chinese forest products, Shandong.
 Will invite man-made board industry relevant government sector, guild, institution of higher learing and controller of place of scientific research courtyard and expert,le click interlocking deck tiles (  the orgnaization such as relevant futures firm, investment firm, Commodity Exchange represents man-made board, country of key of man-made board produce and sale or region industry organize a delegate, foreign man-made board production and current business, purchase business to represent,

 on: July 20, 2017, 11:45:03 PM 
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<p>bathrooms and other places to lay the floor pavement materials, all of which are slippery and prone to tide deformation, resulting in the idea of ??producing plastic flooring.<a href=''>synthetic wood decking china</a> He was inspired from the "honeycomb theory", with the least material "to build" a stable product structure, a better solution to the floor to reduce noise, save resources and the use of the process of expansion and deformation and other issues. As the product belongs to the world's first, the market can not find ready-made production equipment, Zhang Guoping organization workers to create their own hands-on equipment,2 feet high fence panels ( while the development of special molds, fixtures, built two </p>
<p>production lines, and to the State Intellectual Property Office for a patent. To ensure the quality of the floor, the company also introduced a food-grade environmentally friendly raw materials,<a href=''>composite fence materials</a> synthetic agents, wear-resistant paper, ink, resin and other basic materials imported from abroad. As the product quality and stability, while the basic pollution-free, especially the amount of formaldehyde emissions is zero,cheap prices on treks decking boards ( recently received the China Building Materials Market Association issued green building materials environmental protection signs. At present, the hollow green plastic flooring has been mass sales to most of the Chinese market, some </p>
<p>products exported to Asia,<a href=''>removing sap pollen from plastic fence</a> Europe and the United States and other countries and regions. Only last month, the new product sales to more than 300 million. For this new international product to fill the gaps, the Urban Flooring Association Secretary-General Wu Xiaodong to give a high evaluation, that this is a cross-Lin floor industry, an extension and improvement, to continue to lead the international pavement materials market has provided new impetus.plastic decking suppliers lanarkshire ( Reporters recently went to "China to strengthen the wooden floor of the town," said the interview in Changzhou, Jiangsu Henglin, when the reporter took the vehicle into the main road of Henglin </p>

 on: July 20, 2017, 11:44:57 PM 
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nessuno 'sfugge Equipaggiamento superstar bianche e oro uomo: il lifting Magista disponibile in anteprima il 24 luglio adidas nmd weave sul calcio di applicazione (il rilascio ufficiale, che' è questo Martedì 26 luglio), il Magista ha una nuova veste. la 'aggiunta di cavi Brio, tessuti anche le' serrature vamp piedi lungo l'intera lunghezza della piastra di carbonio adidas superstar men, per un trasferimento potenza efficiente attraverso il pavimento. Shot inAddis Abeba (Etiopia), il marchio ha prodotto il zx flux camo ( lookbook in un vecchio arrestare stazione ferroviaria, un perfetto sfondo per la raccolta e la generale look vintage delle scarpe.Home isHome per me è probabilmente un barbecue e un pattino eventi, vi posso parlare con migliaia e migliaia di persone eccezionali e di avere un buon tempo. Università rappresentati nella collezione includeToyo University, Università di Komazawa, Waseda University e Università Josai. Fase 1 - Analisi dei fabbisogni piede Il marchio ha sviluppato due strumenti per fornire la soluzione più appropriata per i tre tipi esistenti di piedi alto piede ad arco, medie e basse. usato look, che viene applicata alla maggior parte dei capi di abbigliamento di marca come ben.

( (
 adidas nmd white è noto per questo stile basso top sneaker, ispirato da Jack Purcell, ancora infusi con il adidas classics nmd limited edition ( formulazione smiley puntale. Mantenere questa preparazione nel bulbo réfrigérateur. Nessun colore è venuto vicino a questo, anche se nmd r1 naturalmente rilasciato molti di più. Prima di taglio rinforzato per una maggiore durata. Con il modello di Mercurial R9 partita di Ronaldo, tessuto sintetico KNG-100 è stato presentato in tale colore rame metallico che passava il colore nero sul pannello di punta. Sono disponibili tre modelli: L'ambito GTX Terrex è una montagna adidas zx flux woman, Terrex Solo è una passeggiata e Cruiser, infine Slack, il modello ideale per la pratica Slacklining e Highline. adidas originals sale stagionalmente appropriato dalla storica American calzolaio Eastland MarkMcNairy è il più recente progetto.

 Esso ha una lunga e pulita vamp, cucitura e giro tacco dettaglio, leggermente maggiore apertura del collare imbottito mesh fodera e una suola vulcanizzata che è equipaggiato con scarpe adidas superstar ( due strati di textured fioriture. Data l'importanza di questo prodotto, vi consigliamo di evitare la fascia bassa di più la vostra pratica è regolare. Con marchi come MWC, Alden, Paraboot, Incotex e Crockett & Jones in ruoli di supporto, check out Autunno Inverno 2017 dal Regno frecce. Uno spazio di 10 a 15 cm deve separare braccio del tessuto lungo l'intera lunghezza del manicotto. s 'Fit for judo Se Zooris (stan smith adidas 38 tipi) vengono utilizzati per ottenere sul tappeto, il judogi - più comunemente noto come kimono - è' centrale per l'equipaggiamento del judoka.Après della volta passano il test su questi due strumenti, una diagnosi sarà offerto per selezionare migliore suola più adatto al piede. Come il nome svela theScotch grano super sono realizzati da sublime scotch cuoio a grano su un chunky morflex Vibram Suola per gravi arch e supporto del tallone. (

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first quarter, ou Cai is compared to American exit the corresponding period turned over 5 times 2016, climb litre to 690 thousand stere, among them the timber that Germany produces was occupied 79% . 8x4 Plastic Wooden Panneling ( Show according to the data of Chinese custom, first quarter, china achieves 5.35 million stere to the entrance gross of lumber, among them Ou Cai 3.71 million stere,

than 2016 increase first quarter 48% . Growth range of Ou Cai is most impressive, the portion in Chinese market all the way violent wind rises to 69% . Contrary, the mart branch of North Composite Overlay For Wood Deck Resurfacing ( America material is ceaseless by Europe material nibble, glide 24% , the import volume first quarter is only 1.28 million stere.

Japan is mixed to entrance trend of Ou Cai Chinese market is very similar. Begin from 2016, ou Cai imports a quantity to present the trend that rises quickly. The export that Canada of second half of the year will increase pair of China and other Pacific Area is touched in the gain loss of American market with rushing. However, Diy Sandbox From Composite Wood ( business of Canadian sawn timber will be faced with the puissant snipe that comes from the competitor such as Europe, the Oceania in Asian market.

 on: July 20, 2017, 10:26:57 PM 
Started by qizhen0809 - Last post by qizhen0809
<p>control. Sorry about: size and position controlled by the living room TV cabinets do not do on the wall, our home is on the wall, and the table is only 55CM, now want to buy a 34 inch TV but can never put it down, it is the remorse. TV ark, buy TV ark alone, buy or make independent, otherwise, when want to change TV, become very passive. Three, ignore the height of the TV cabinet, and sometimes after the TV cabinet is completed, often there will be a </p>
<p>situation, that is, the height of the TV cabinet and socket does not match, the TV cabinet just blocked the socket, thus affecting the daily use. Frequently asked questions: ignore the height of the TV cabinet construction, because carpentry and electrical work are separate, some carpentry careless, did not consider the location of good sockets, resulting in the TV cabinet after the socket is blocked. Sorry: when the socket is shorter than the TV cabinet, you'd </p>
<p>better consider the height of your TV cabinet and leave the socket above the TV cabinet. My house is not considered good, the height and the height of the TV cabinet socket left as may be a bit shorter, the TV cabinet to after not against the wall, there is a gap between the wall and the children left, keep the plug socket and closed-circuit television. Moreover, the television wall has stayed several sockets also not to be able to use, because is inconvenient, </p>
<p>composite picnic tables with no benches (<br />
paneling for walls paneling fire rated (<br />
spacers for decking (</p>

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<P>With the continuous improvement of consumer living standards, the diversification of the purchase of goods increasingly apparent demand, many brands on the market so that consumers dizzying, for the wardrobe business, want to get the favor of consumers, must have their own brand In the context of the buyer's market,square high top pub table ( how can the wardrobe business strengthen the competitiveness of the product? In this case, the conversion marketing strategy is a kind of the same. In the case of the buyer's market, good idea.</P>
<P>The buyer's market is a market trend in which the supply is greater than the demand, the commodity price declines, and the buyer is in a favorable position in the transaction. As we all know, the current market has long been into the leading areas of consumer,the sea boat chair supplier ( wardrobe market profits continue to shrink, the product supply far beyond the market can accommodate the number.</P>
<P>Once, the wardrobe business may also be able to rely on their own market advantage, regardless of the needs of consumers to sell their own products out,sale garden furniture in usa ( but now it is impossible. Wardrobe enterprises must change their own development strategy, the consumer demand in the first place, in order to meet their needs to win profit margins.</P>

 on: July 20, 2017, 08:04:32 PM 
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<P>In recent years, the industry are calling a good original design to lead the Chinese furniture industry outstanding encirclement. However, avant-garde, novelty, beautiful furniture, can be applauded in the market, its foundation must be the perfect consumer experience. However, many consumers recently reflect their own furniture designers to open the "brain hole" pit tears. Here, we assembled a number of furniture to use the "embarrassment" of the place,large glass top coffee table ( call the designers: design is not marked with the country can be, consumers also depends on sincerity.</P>
<P>Some of the furniture design looks good, but it is so bad. Not with trouble, that is, will cause embarrassment in use. In the final analysis, or designers and enterprises are far from the body to consider for the user, the lack of sincerity.Consumers readme: my family this bed, from a design known to the furniture brand. Originally, I always felt the design of the bed is also good,folding beach chair order price ( the headboard to do a few gaps, but behind with two vertical and three horizontal plate support from a few centimeters wide small shelves. Shopping guide introduction, which is used to temporary glasses, small cups, small lamps or something, then feel that this design is intimate Oh. And a small shelf support are doing so hard, from behind to see a cavity, the business is still very willing to use material drops.</P>
<P>But home to put the mattress and found that the bottom of the gap directly blocked, can not achieve any decorative effect, but also love "swallow things." The day before yesterday morning, "tragedy" took place. The phone fell directly into the back cavity along the gap. Bed is put on the wall, the cavity is equal to the left and right are sealed,canopy folding backpack lounge chair ( to take out the phone, can only move the bed. I am a weak woman, "Chenqie can not do ah!"</P>

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